More than boxes, our products are everlasting articles that will accompany you all life long. It fits any decor. Wether you use it as a storage box or as a decorative article. it's sober look will perfectly match your interior. Understated elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of this gift box. the outside is made of fabric and the box is finished off by a beautiful PU leather on the lid (except the Mascotte box made of card box). When it comes to choosing a packaging solution for gift items, appearance counts. When you opt to package your gift items in these double wall lid boxes, you can be assured of the highest quality. Featuring a distinctive connected lid, these double wall lid and tray cartons ensure that your products are completely safe and displayed in a beautiful manner. These cartons are typically assembled by hand. These double wall lid and tray boxes are typically ideal for use with delicate or heavy gifts. With their double wall design, these boxes are able to securely hold your items. 

We give innovative solutions and creative box design.These boxes are rigid and pretty. Boxes are especially designed for packaging

high-end expensive items.




The Great Art Of Gifting

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